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   NVC in About Myra
Dhira Crunkilton, Ph D, Assistant Professor or Social Work, Southeast Missouri State University
"Thanks again for enriching me and our community with your NVC workshop ... and for enriching us with your 'presence of heart' which you so kindly demonstrate with grace and style."
Clemie Hoshino, Vancouver, Canada
"Myra…your work is invaluable to us. Your deep presence as shown through your eyes and your face,  your incredible warmth and tenderness as heard in your voice are imprinted in my mind...I go to that when I feel lost in judging and blaming...I hear the aggression in my voice soften...Thank you."
"We had overwhelmingly positive responses to Myra’s leadership in the district and many recommendations to have her return. I commend her to you with enthusiasm and without reservation."
"I’m always so inspired by Myra’s mastery that expresses itself as love and joy and this evening was no exception."