Empowering Communication is our preferred title for Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a model developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph D in the late 1960s. Dr. Rosenberg was motivated to help people connect with their own humanity and that of others respectfully, compassionately, peacefully and with joy. NVC offers a practical and unique model to empower and transform relationships. It is inspirational in its invitation to cherish the needs of others as our own. We predict it will offer challenge and satisfaction to all who wish to embrace life more fully.
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"The objective of NVC is not to change people and their behavior in order to get our way; it is to establish relationships based on honesty and empathy which will eventually fulfill everyone's needs."
~ Marshall Rosenberg, Ph D
Dr. Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and his associates teach NVC in healthcare institutions, schools, corporations, religious organizations, prisons and communities in over 50 countries across the globe. To contact the Center for Nonviolent Communication write cnvc@cnvc.org or call 505-244-4041.
For more information, visit www.cnvc.org.
The Institute for Empowering Communication is affiliated with the Center for Nonviolent Communication.