"I have a beautiful way to talk to my children now. And when I make a mistake, I'm aware of it right away. NVC has helped our family a lot."
~ Eddie Ferro
  • Promote peace and harmony in the home
  • Increase understanding and respect among family members
  • Foster intimacy and connection between couples
  • Cultivate trust and respect between parents and children
  • Move beyond power struggles into cooperation and mutuality
One of our strongest human needs is to contribute to the wellbeing of others. Perhaps we long most to contribute healing and wholeness to our families. It is our conviction and experience that one person speaking Empowering Communication can bring this about in a family. Even small changes in strategies can increase respect and bring about deeper connection and trust. This provides an anchor for the family during challenging times and beautiful intimacy in stable times. We can help you consider unresolved conflict and empower you with skills to bring about the quality of love and support that helps families grow closer and flourish.
"With NVC, I can better communicate to other people in my life ... how much love, affection and tenderness I feel towards them. Before learning NVC, it seemed my intentions and true feelings were often misunderstood. I'm so happy to have this bridge between my experience of my inner world and the people around me."
~ Laura, NVC Practitioner, Wisconsin
Ilana Goldman
"Though I am just starting to learn to speak and listen in NVC, applying what I learn as best as I can has already allowed me to create respectful, caring, supportive, open and honest connections with my husband, my four children, my mother ... I have been able to hear and connect to what they feel, need and want, regardless of how they express it ... I have been successful in allowing myself to be heard and supported ... I feel clear that my search for a way to do that is over ... that NVC is what I was looking for."
~ Ilana Goldman