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Nurturing Relationships so All May Thrive

March 16, 2018  

Nurturing Relationships So All May Thrive

Dates  Fridays March 16, 23, 30, April 13  

Time  7 - 9 pm

Location   Jane's home, Oak Park, IL. After registering we will notify you of the exact location.


“Underlying all human actions are needs that people are seeking to meet, and understanding and acknowledging these needs can create a shared basis for connection, cooperation, and more globally – peace.” – Marshall Rosenberg


Empowering Communication increases our ability to:

  • Build relationships based on compassion and understanding
  • Hear others with empathy, even when they are expressing themselves with anger
  • Resolve conflicts in ways that increase trust and mutual understanding
  • Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger, depression and guilt
  • Offer feedback and evaluate performance in ways that promote learning and trust
  • Celebrate what is going well and be assertive about what is really important

Workshop format includes instruction, small group work, exercises, and role play



Registration through March 9 is $90. Cost after March 9 is $100.

We value interdependence and mutuality. We want participants to give to support our work and sustainability and, we want to make the work accessible to all. For this reason, we are open to dialogue regarding fees. Please contact Jane at 773-837-2368 or to discuss needs around this course.

To pay, click the Register button below. At Methods of Payment, Credit Card, follow the PayPal link >Send Money to Family and Friends > enter Pay with any account you have set up, your bank, credit card, etc.


About the Facilitators

Leslie Ritter-Jenkins is a certified trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication, ( She studied with Marshall Rosenberg the founder of NVC and Dominic Barter the creator of Restorative Circles. Leslie has presented NVC workshops in Chicago and the Midwest for social workers, educators, managers, directors, faith organizations, couples and parents. She has facilitated Restorative Circles for organizations in conflict. Leslie is co-founder of the Institute for Empowering Communication.


Jane Zawadowski intends to become a certified NVC trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication, ( Jane has taught her understandings of NVC in China and the U.S. and has attended trainings and study groups for 7 years.


About Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as Empowering Communication, has been called a roadmap out of conflict, a roadmap to peace. It is powerful leading us to peace within and empowering us to bring peace to relationships. Surprisingly, only one person needs to have this map for it to be effective in a relationship. Participants will learn through instruction, exercises in pairs, small groups, and role play.

  • Discover the language of needs vs. the language of evaluation
  • Learn how to get out of power struggles
  • De-escalate conflict from the beginning
  • Learn how to hear anger and judgment from others, holding your values, without retaliating or giving in
  • Find your voice with those whom you perceive to have more power than you

Upcoming Workshops:
Please contact us to tailor a workshop for your group.

For mental health professionals in Chicago, the Institute for Empowering Communication is

  • the only source for CEU-based therapy training in Chicago that
  • creates professional development and consciousness transformation -which can be taught to clients- because we teach a unique
  • Empathic Connection Framework that is the foundation of all therapeutic work.

The Institute for Empowering Communication is certified by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to provide continuing education units for: Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, license #197.000.188; Licensed Social Workers and Licensed Clinical Social workers, license #59.001129; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, license #168.000192
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