Supporting personal & professional growth.


Our Mission


We dream of a world in which everyone's needs matter, are held with care, and are met through compassionate giving. In this world people meet suffering with compassion, accept and embrace differences and resolve conflicts peacefully. We dream of a world in which everyone's compassionate nature and human potential can be realized fully.



Our mission is to live and share the Empowering Communication consciousness of compassion. We teach the skills that help us access and embody equal regard for all.


We value integrity. We will enter agreements pledging ourselves to care about the needs of the individuals or organizations with whom we work as much as our own.

We value dependability. We will seek to develop and maintain trust by meeting our agreements.

We value creativity. We seek fun and enriching paths for growing and learning. We value customizing and adapting the material to meet your needs and, if applicable, those of your organization.

We value interdependence. We want to receive compensation to support ourselves and continue to do this work. We also want to support all people interested in Empowering Communication regardless of their ability to pay. For this reason, we offer partial scholarships through work exchange for our workshops. No one is turned away for lack of financial means.




Our Logo

Our logo is composed of two ovals that result in a bright and surprising image at the point of intersection. The blue and green ovals symbolize two people in their individuality. The center represents the place of connection where individuals can both hold their values and meet another fully. When awareness and understanding inform communication, peaceful and effective strategies emerge that can fulfill everyone's needs.


"The mind creates an abyss; the heart crosses it."

~ Sri Nisargadatta