Supporting personal & professional growth.

Activists and Staff of
Social Change Organizations

  • Engage in nonviolent social change in the tradition of Gandhi and King

  • Increase effectiveness in social change efforts

  • Build cohesiveness within and between teams

  • Move from a language of division into a language of respect, connection and transformation

"At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love."

~ Martin Luther King Jr.


Have you ever wondered how to speak with truth and maintain connection with those who oppose you? Marshall Rosenberg was inspired by Gandhi and King. In Nonviolent Communication (NVC) he developed a model and articulated a consciousness, a way of being, that is a path to effective systemic change. Through NVC you can learn how to hear others and maintain a relationship under stress, never giving up what is of value to you. It provides a framework for expressing yourself with confidence and effectiveness. NVC can equip you with skills to deal with conflict within your team, attract others who value your work and find strategies to bring about lasting change in the world.


"NVC gives me a greater desire to continue with my activism -- peace and justice, respect for people of color ... It helps me see the power I have to change the world. The leaders are not the enemy. We need institutions that promote life ... Let's get our motivation from a beautiful vision of what could be ... This is so motivating to me, so liberating. I think if the NVC approach to organizing and the communication model that expresses it were to spread to the millions with their multiple grievances, the movement for a better world would mushroom."

~ John Cabral, Oak Park, Illinois