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Corporate Officers,
Directors and Managers

Wesley Taylor

"Bringing a needs consciousness into the workplace is seeing people as human beings while fiercely holding onto the fulfillment of the purpose and vitality of the organization. It is recognizing the many ways in which we unconsciously react out of anger, guilt and fear in day-to-day business situations ... and transforming these moments into conscious responses that fulfill the organization's purpose and the needs of the people involved. It is doing a "heart transplant" within our organizations replacing obedience and loyalty to the leaders with impassioned coalescence around the shared purpose."

~ Gregg Kendrick, Executive Director, Basileia LLC
Creating Workplaces Where People Thrive

  • Improve communication with and among employees and other stakeholders

  • Increase transparency and implement triple bottom line initiatives

  • Increase employee retention

  • Implement change while minimizing resistance

  • Resolve conflict between staff quickly and effectively

  • Enhance staff's morale and motivation

  • Increase cooperation and efficiency

  • Meet employees' and company needs simultaneously

  • Conduct performance appraisals in ways that promote learning and reduce defensiveness


Increasing Staff Motivation: By bringing Empowering Communication to your organization, you can implement a culture of ongoing cooperation and creativity. We will help you understand and acknowledge what motivates your staff thus increasing their trust in you. We will show you how to implement strategies that increase respect, efficiency and cooperation. We will help you draw on the talent, creativity and wisdom of employees to help your company thrive. We will support the development of a community of employees who know that their contributions are valuable and valued.


"None of us is as smart as all of us."

~ Ken Blanchard


"The best way to inspire people to a superior performance is to [demonstrate] by everything you do and by your everyday attitude that you are wholeheartedly supporting them."

~ Harold S. Geneen
Former Chairman of ITT


Promoting Communication: We can work proactively with your organization's Human Resources managers to develop employee training opportunities that we predict will result in reduced conflict and enhanced communication within your organization. We can also work with you to address specific issues, including implementing organizational change and transparency initiatives, and responding to crises and client grievances.


Enhancing Profit, and Social and Environmental Legacy: Lastly, we can facilitate triple bottom line initiatives by helping you communicate with stakeholders in more effective and meaningful ways. We will facilitate your efforts to make a profit while protecting the environment and enhancing the well being of your community.



"Empathy is an ingredient of the emotional intelligence necessary for acting competently and efficiently in today's world."

~ Piero Ferrucci
The Power of Kindness