Supporting personal & professional growth.

Law Practitioners and Mediators

  • Enhance practitioners' negotiation ability

  • Increase understanding, respect and cooperation between disputing parties

  • Practice a model to inspire client trust and cooperation

  • Create a safe environment through empathic listening

  • Help disputing parties create the quality of connection in which everyone's needs matter and can be met peacefully

Carl Michael Rossi, JD, LPC

"As a lawyer, a huge part of what I must be able to do is listen effectively to what others - clients, colleagues, even 'adversaries' - are saying ... Non-violent Communication enhances my ability to do so by helping me to get my ego out of the way. In this way instead of acting or speaking based on what 'I'm sure' someone means, I actually am able to find out what s/he really does mean. It has made it possible to have more productive relations, even with adversaries."

~ Carl Michael Rossi, JD, LPC


Empowering Communication (EC) will provide you with a unique and effective set of skills to enhance your law and/or mediation practice. We will help you increase your ability to listen deeply to your clients' needs in order to meet them more effectively. This communication approach has the capacity to increase clients' trust in the law professional, which often results in increased cooperation on their part. Distinct from other conflict resolution models, EC discourages compromise insofar as it assumes giving up and giving in. Instead, we can help you become skillful in identifying, understanding and affirming clients' universal human needs, which often allows clients to open up to creative and lasting solutions. The use of EC is likely to produce agreements beneficial to all parties. With this foundation, you can help disputing parties create the quality of connection in which everyone's needs matter and can be met peacefully, cooperatively and creatively. Embodying EC values, you will be able to reach settlements with increased ease and satisfaction.