Supporting personal & professional growth.

Mental Health Professionals

  • Enhance treatment by deepening empathy, and increasing genuineness and acceptance of clients

  • Teach clients a model to enhance relationships

  • Empower clients by helping them identify, embrace and fulfill their needs

  • Help clients transform anger, guilt and shame into self-understanding and growth

  • Help clients release anxiety and fear and live with greater ease and freedom through connection with underlying needs

  • Learn effective self-care strategies to prevent provider burnout

Wesley Taylor

"Staff and clinicians at our Center have found the Nonviolent Communication framework and processes to be helpful in bringing clarity, depth, and connection to their therapeutic work. Simply shifting the focus on an intervention from the Strategy level to the Needs level increases effectiveness and inspires more creative solutions in response to client concerns. In addition, approaches like 'needs-based' empathy complement 'feelings-based empathy' by allowing therapists to uncover additional layers of meaning and depth with greater ease and speed. Finally, NVC, through its emphasis on connection and its needs-based approach, improves the therapeutic alliance and inspires clients to create something better in partnership with their clinician."

~ Elaine Shpungin, Ph D
Director, University of Illinois Psychological
Services Center, Champaign, IL


Recognizing that there are many effective theoretical orientations, we predict Empowering Communication (EC) will become a valuable tool in your practice. It will provide you with a model to enhance and deepen empathy, genuineness and acceptance in the therapeutic relationship. EC contributes critical components to the treatment of Depression and Anxiety by helping clients identify and connect with unmet needs and learn to access inner wisdom to fulfill needs. EC's Liberating Role Plays help clients heal from relationships and events that have stimulated pain. EC offers step-by-step processes to transform anger, guilt, shame into self-understanding and growth, and to help clients free themselves from fear thus increasing clarity and serenity. It provides a model for couple therapy that helps increase intimacy and connection within the couple and restore trust when it has been damaged. In group therapy settings, EC contributes to increased empathy and understanding among members thus enhancing the therapeutic process.


For mental health professionals in Chicago, the Institute for Empowering Communication is

  • the only source for CEU-based therapy training in Chicago that

  • creates professional development and consciousness transformation -which can be taught to clients- because we teach a unique

  • Empathic Connection Framework that is the foundation of all therapeutic work