Supporting personal & professional growth.

People Seeking Relationship
Mentoring or Mediation

  • Learn to transform tension in a relationship into understanding of your and the other person's needs

  • Appreciate differences and develop strategies that can be satisfying to both parties

  • Increase intimacy and connection with your partner and the joy of being together

  • Resolve tension and increase cooperation in work relationships

  • Experience increased understanding and trust in a relationship through mediation when necessary


Mentoring is a way for us to help individuals enhance relationships. You may choose one or more sessions to assess a difficult relationship and learn skills to improve the relationship. We can support you in improving relationships with family in order to enhance trust, or with co-workers, supervisors, or your staff thus increasing cooperation and effectiveness. Empowering Communication does not require all parties to be conversant in the model and therefore invites individuals to take the first step in bringing more harmony to relationships.


Mediation is our way to support people in conflict. Whether in a personal relationship or in the workplace, employing the Empowering Communication model we will support all parties in identifying lasting solutions to complicated, long standing conflicts. We can help couples understand each other's needs, appreciate differences, and develop strategies that can be satisfying to both. From this place of harmony, we can help you increase intimacy, connection and the joy of being together. In the workplace, we can support individuals and teams resolve tension and increase cooperation, thus making collaboration and synergy possible.


In both settings we will raise awareness about language that breaks down communication. We will help all parties understand each other's universal needs, thus enhancing good will and cooperation. Our aim is to craft mutually satisfying solutions that leave all parties feeling whole.