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Workshops on the Mexican Culture
with Myra Walden

  • Understand the Mexican family hierarchy and intervene accordingly

  • Learn specific strategies to increase treatment efficacy and enhance outreach efforts

  • Identify ways to enhance Mexican children's self-esteem thus enhancing scholastic achievement

  • Learn to connect with Mexican students' parents, thus increasing cooperation and engagement

  • Identify the four necessary and sufficient conditions of effective cross-cultural work

Effective cross-cultural work entails a solid understanding of the client's culture. During workshops on the Mexican culture, participants learn about the values that motivate many Mexican people, beliefs that inform their behavior, social factors that impact their emotional well being, and more. Social service professionals can deepen understanding of their Mexican clients and take tools to implement a culturally-sensitive approach in their work with them. Upon attendance to these workshops, counselors have attested to greater efficacy and a higher treatment follow-through rate. Teachers comment on the relevance of the information in their work with Mexican students. They come away with greater empathy for their Mexican students and concrete strategies to become more effective educators.


Testimonials from Previous Workshops

Excellent - well beyond what I had hoped for. Very energizing - excellent resources. One of the best workshops I’ve attended.
— Dennis Curran, Social Worker
I gained a better understanding in the cultural differences. This will help me deal better and have more empathy for the Mexican clients I work with.
— Therapist, Chicago, Illinois
This was an excellent presentation! Wonderful information we can use immediately in the classroom. Please bring her back!
— Teacher, DeKalb District 428
Excellent workshop! Your information has greatly clarified questions and concerns I have had over the past two years in dealing with my Hispanic students and their parents. This knowledge truly does give you the ‘power’ to become a more effective and empathetic instructor. Thank you very much.
— Ruth Ann Wolfing, DeKalb District 428