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About Leslie

What I noticed first is that Leslie had a great synergy with her co-facilitator. After a while, I realized that she seemed to also click well with all of the participants. There was just a sense of respect and caring in all of her interactions, and it was felt by everyone in the room.
— Mikhail Lyubansky, Ph D, Lecturer of Psychology University of Illinois
I recently participated in a group forum facilitated by Rev. Leslie Ritter-Jenkins. Within this group was a great divide – of opinions, feelings, and desires for our church’s future. Leslie’s ability to listen without judgment, to reflect back feeliings and create a safe atmosphere for honesty was so healing. Because of Leslie’s compassionate and neutral position, we were able to take the first steps in closing the “great divide” in our church. As a counselor myself, I am able to recognize an artful healer!” . . . “I truly feel Leslie was meant to come to our church for that meeting. It was a pivotal moment of healing. I never left church feeling better or more hopeful than that day.
— Participant, Open Forum
Leslie, what an inspirational workshop you provided Saturday morning. I appreciate your tender yet strong and clear, authentic nature. Your eloquence and the time you made for synthesizing each of our responses was very clarifying. I am so excited at the thought that Compassionate Communication can be effective when only one person uses it......WOW! I am imagining how the world might be as more and more of us become ‘practiced’ in this ‘form’.
— Participant, Introductory workshop, Chicago, Illinois
Leslie has shared Compassionate Communication with me in classes but more meaningful has been to see and hear her live and interact [with others]. Her… comments and thoughts about another opened my mind and heart to myself. I needed to learn to view myself compassionately before I could make changes in my life. She has led me to view everyone in a more… loving and accepting manner. My life has been enriched and I hope I have been able to spread more compassion. Our world desperately needs it.
— Kathy, Veterinarian, Nursing Student
Leslie has had a profound influence in my life. I found that the more we connected my appreciation of who she is continued to grow. She inspired trust by trusting me with her feelings. There was always a feeling of acceptance with empathy. This enabled me to find the courage to explore some scary inner places. Leslie …has a quality of caring that motivates me to want connect to those same qualities in myself. The combination of non judgment and empathy is so unique.
— Irv Turkfeld, NVC practice group participant