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NVC In Religious Settings

Nonviolent Communication has been a great asset to me in pastoral ministry. I find it is very helpful in working through differences of opinion in the congregation. It has been essential in reaching harmony in staff supervision situations. NVC allows me to communicate my needs without making demands or judging other people.
— Rev. Julie R. Harley, while serving as Lead Pastor, First United Church of Oak Park
Practicing NVC helped me a great deal during the closing of our parish school. I was able to see past the anger of parents and recall the concerned parent who was seeing a part of the dream for their children, which included our school, fade away. As a result, I understood them and I didn’t add my own anger to the mix.
— Fr. John Balluff, Pastor, St. Mary’s Parish, West Chicago, Illinois
Empowering Communication (EC) changed the way I listen, being more attentive to the said and unsaid aspects of human interaction. EC allows me to hear complaints in a new way, wondering what needs are not being met, or what feelings life changes might bring up in a person. EC allows me to move first toward understanding, and then toward viable ways of full inclusion. In tricky situations, I use the iGROK app which lists out several dozen needs and feelings that remind me of how complicated a person’s reaction to the world can be, and help me to listen with more empathy.
— Rev. Katie Lancaster