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NVC In Law Practice and Meditation

Jeff Brown
I practiced law for 20 years, trying ever larger and more complex multi-party, document intensive cases. If I had the skills I now use and offer to others in NVC Mediation trainings, my clients would have been more satisfied... I would have used these skills to communicate more effectively with my staff, law partner, associates, clients, opposing counsel, witnesses, judges and their staffs. And I would have had more satisfying relations with my family and friends.
— Ike Lasater, author of Words That Work in Business
Foster Walker
For me, NVC mediation is about seeing conflict as an opportunity to practice responding with presence and connection, whether it is a conflict we ourselves are part of, or we are helping others who are in conflict... We move from conflict in the mind to connection with the universal. From this place of compassion we can facilitate the incredible power and possibility of working together for a common purpose and mutual solutions. I believe a critical mass of people with these kinds of skills to resolve conflict is key to our survival as human beings as we increasingly grapple with local to global challenges and crises in the coming years.
— John Kinyon, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Mediator