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NVC In Management

I focus my practice on bringing NVC coaching to the workplace... I love supporting people to co-create strategies that impact the triple bottom line: people, planet and profits.
— Martha Lasley, Leadership that Works
NVC is raising our awareness of needs, both individually, and corporately. As the individuals have grown, we have seen our corporate decision making become more crisp, based on needs; and clean, based on reduced emotion around issues. We are learning a new language, whose vocabulary is helping us understand one another more completely, both intellectually and emotionally. All human feeling is more welcomed in our workplace, permitting an authenticity unparalleled in my experience.
— Dale Neikirk, Physicians Liability Insurance Company
Wonderful, succinct, sensitive, targeted, useful techniques.
— Participant in a workshop with Marshall Rosenberg
I used your method successfully in an interview between a manager, a supervisor and an employee—a potentially messy situation. All parties left the interaction acknowledged and restored.”
— Participant in a workshop with Marshall Rosenberg